Casco Bay News

News this week is about ocean acidification, Maine’s scallop fishery, plastic in our oceans, Maine’s dam survey, an icy Casco Bay, and a story about how our bay is changing. Click on the title of this post (Casco Bay News Roundup) to access links to the stories.

February 6

The fate of a fishing town (The Portland Phoenix)

State report says “ocean acidification is real” (WCSH6)

February 8

Maine’s scallop fishery rebounding, but there’s a catch (Portland Press Herald)

February 9

Maine dam survey shows wide gulf between hydropower potential and delivery (The Bangor Daily News)

February 11

After Casco Bay ferry breaks ice, video lands spot on TV (Portland Press Herald)

February 13

Plastics make for grim oceanic future (Portland Press Herald)



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