State of Casco Bay 6th Edition, Indicators



The State of Casco Bay 6th Edition report focuses on nineteen Indicators organized in three interrelated groups. Indicators A. through F. describe Drivers and Stressors, which affect Water Quality, discussed in Indicators G. through M. Human Connections Indicators N. through S. tell how people throughout the region are working hard to make improvements.

Supplementary Information for each Indicator provides references, further reading, and a summary of methods and data sources. Selected data and data analysis code for certain Indicators are available for review at GitHub. A full archive of data and all analysis steps is available at GitHub Details.

A. Population & Land Use

B. Stormwater

C. Combined Sewer Overflows

D. Inland Water Quality

E. Climate Change

F. Invasive Species

G. Bay Water Quality

H. Nutrients

I. Aquatic Connnectivity

J. Eelgrass

K. Coastal Acidification

L. Swimming Beaches & Shellfish Beds

M. Toxics

N. Conserved Lands

O. Coastal Habitats

P. Economics

Q. Education

R. Stewardship

S. Climate Preparedness

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